The Bus

We bought a bus!!

The dream of converting a school bus onto an RV started a few years back with Sam. He had thought it would be a fun and exciting way to explore the country.  After prefacing that it was a crazy idea and when mentioning to friends they always thought it was a little nuts, a few months into dating he mentioned the idea to Stephanie one night. From there the idea seed was planned and they both saw a vision of what this adventure could hold. 

The bus build was an activity that they would do, but not right away. So like any well thoughout plan, you must not rush into it. Sam and Stephanie setup an inspiration/idea board to pin up what they invisioned the bus to look like. They also made lists and spreadsheets, and mocked up 3D models of the layout. Hours went into the planning stages. 

It wasn’t real until they day the drove over 2 hours away and found THE BUS. Out of 60 old buses at the salavage yard only one was exactly what they were looking for….

Follow along as we deconstruct and then build our awesome skoolie. We will be updating and sharing all the details soon.

Stay Tuned!!